Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Sorry I am back

Hey Guys
I know It has been a long time, but I am back and will be doing more LOTR stuff soon, thank you

Sunday, 16 March 2014

The fight for the Relic

Hello guys, this is my first war game blog post. The first battle in my made up story is with Legolas the elf, trying to regain a sacred relic in his homeland, while the Orcs attack in massive numbers. But fortunately, in the meantime Gorfindel, Elladan and Elrohir are sent from Rivendell, meet up with the Galadhrim and go help Legolas out! But are they too late? . . . Mission: to get at least five Mirkwood elves (including Legolas) off the table edge the elves came from. A Galadhrim trooper must stay in base contact with a Mirkwood elf for a turn before they can retreat. Mordor wins if they kill Legolas or the three Rivendell heroes.

Two forces meet.

Legolas force deployed  in rocks, while small Ringwraith battalion with first surviving wave of Mordor Orcs very close.

Forces advance, Ringwraith battalion hide behind rocks

Arrow casualties, first blood to me!

Wargs clash into Galadhrim knights, Troll coming up behind

Orcs push in to the front, elves try to get to the front to meet them.

Three Wargs try to cut off Legolas' retreat.

Galadhrim knights die on right side.

(Close up of battle) Galadhrim elves reinforce riders.

First turn casualties. Looking grim for me!!!

Elves battle line breaks!!! Troll moves in, Troll Chieftain charging into cavalry with Glorfindel. 

Mirkwood elves continue to retreat, Galadhrim elves form stronger battle line!

Wargs at back block elves exit through wood, Glofindel and Troll Chieftain face off, both of them using a lot of might and fate points.

Troll picks up one of the twins and throws him down the battle line killing some Galadhrim elves. Cavalry banner dies!!!

Things looking grim for the elves, that had had massive casualties.

Glorfindel surrounded  and transfixed, fortunately survives! 

Twins with a company of Galadhrim elves, desperately forming a circle around the twins 

Mirkwood elves take the risk and move into the open, Wargs charge in!

Troll runs in picks up another elf and tosses him at the twins, knocking them both over, and killing one! Troll chieftain picks up Glorfindel and does a rend, fortunately he only pulled a finger off  (rolled 1,2 and 3) but get to have another go because Glorfindel was trapped. This time ripping him in half! :(

Objectives neck and neck, Legolas troops manage to break free of Wargs, using a might point, Legolas uses a heroic move, because of evils priority, and manages to get off the board!!! :) 

Elves finally get off the board, and thus win the game!
Final casualties!!!
Elves win in the end, but at a great cost.

Monday, 17 February 2014

The LOTR trilogy

Hi girls/guys today I will be talking about the books that J.R.R Tolkien wrote.

I am doing this little piece first because he wrote LOTR and The Hobbit so without him this would not have been created. The books are excellent, I think you should get into it them. I have not read all of them but am very quickly getting to the end. So if you are a fan of Viking and Norse legend, then come straight to LOTR, if you know lots about Tolkien, you might know, that he studied Norse legend for years, before writing the 'Lord of the Rings.'

Be back with you great people with another great post.

P.S please swing by I am always wanting to see more and more eager people checking out my blog

See you later bye

Sunday, 16 February 2014

Introduction to my Middle-Earth blog.

Hello to whoever is reading this, welcome to my blog.

 This is my first post, so please bear with me as I get used to blogging.

This blog is all about the adventurous world of 'Lord of the Rings'. In this blog I will be showing you a lot of the Lord of the Rings (LOTR) Strategy Battle Game (SBG). If you don't know what this is, no pressure, but you should get into it now, and believe me, this blog will help.

I will also be showing you a lot of other stuff of LOTR like video games, Lego sets, places in NZ that Peter Jackson and his crew filmed the movies of The Hobbit and LOTR. But mostly the Strategy Battle Game, which is a really fun and social game to play with friends, family etc. 

So I hope you will enjoy this blog and everything in it and 'May the strengths of all the free people in Middle-Earth, go with you'

So please stay tuned for more.

Bye for now.